Spectacles 101 Page

Spectacles are sunglasses that can Snap! You can capture every moment with them from your perspective, without a phone in the way between you and the world 🀳 

Some key facts about Specs πŸ”‘ 

  • They come in 3 colours: coral, black and teal 🎨
  • Spectacles are one-size-fits-most! Learn more about adjusting their look and fit here.
  • Spectacles record 10-second video Snaps πŸ•™
  • The LED ring on the front will light up when they’re recording!
  • Every Snap can be extended twice, giving you a full 30 seconds of video! In Memories, your recording will be broken up into 3 10-second Snaps.
  • Press and hold the button on Spectacles to stop recording at any time πŸ›‘
  • Spectacles only record video, capturing memories the same way you experience them – in motion 😜
  • When watching Snaps recorded on your Spectacles, rotate your screen to get a bigger picture πŸ‘€
  • Spectacles can capture about 100 10-second Snaps on each charge.
  • The Spectacles charging case holds about 4 charges, so you can stay powered up when you’re on the go πŸ”‹
  • Once you’ve paired Spectacles with your device, Snaps that you take with Spectacles will import to Snapchat automatically when you have the app open and your Spectacles are nearby. You can find all these Snaps in your Memories.
  • You can import your favourite Memories in HD!

Spectacles are available in a few places and can be bought from one of our Snapbots or purchased online at Spectacles.com πŸ˜Ž